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Student file

A wide and subtle insight in each child leads to better education. Our highly customizable student files give you this insight.


Track and observe all aspects of development. Use your own goals or choose from our predefined goals with pedagogical support built in.

Report Card

Each school has its own ideas about a Report Card. That's why we made it customizable to the tiniest deail, with a lot of attention to differentiation.


Make your lesson plans, link to resources and just drag your lesson plans to your calendar. This gives you a fast and easy overview of your day or week.


Questi believes in the potential of every child. Having a broad insight maximizes that potential. Tracking each aspect of development creates the possibilities to work with its talents.


Questi provides teachers with built-in pedagogical and didactical content. From Questi, but also from publishers, universities and - most importantly - from Questi-users.


Questi has an internal messaging system, notifications and lots of sharing possibilities to ensure collaboration and communication within your team.


Benieuwd? Neem vandaag nog contact op met Questi en laat je verrassen door de meest performante software oplossing voor het onderwijs.

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Questi Team

If our team members have one thing in common, it's their passion for education. Discover who does what.

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The confidentiality and security of data on our platform are our highest priority. We have a very clear privacy policy and a strict deontological code for our employees.

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