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Privacy and Security

Student Privacy

Any student information that your school enters into Questi is the property of the school. Questi will never share, sell, or otherwise use any student information. Questi has also signed the student privacy pledge.


Data Security

We make the security of our data a top priority. By using high-level security and data encryption, we take steps to protect student data from being intercepted over the Internet. Our servers are constantly monitored for fraudulent activity, and the system automatically keeps a record of anyone who tries to access information that they do not have permission to see. Anytime the system senses any type of unusual activity, the account will immediately be logged out of the Questi platform.


Who Can Access Data

Within a school, we utilize privacy controls to ensure users only have access to information about the students that they work with. Any data that is entered into the Questi platform is protected by our high standards of data security.


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The confidentiality and security of data on our platform are our highest priority. We have a very clear privacy policy and a strict deontological code for our employees.

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