Questi Dag op 15 januari

Voor de Questi dag op 15 januari zijn nog een paar plaatsen beschikbaar.

Mis deze dag niet!

Kom kennis maken met het Questi team, laat je inspireren door keynote sprekers en geef ons je waardevolle input om Questi nog beter te maken.


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progress monitoring

Questi makes it easy to monitor students' progress towards state standards in virtually any aspect of development. Our straightforward mastery-based grading system gives an at-a-glance overview of a class's performance in any subject area.

reports & assessments

The assessment and report card module provides a customizable way to efficiently give grades and comment on any assessment. This incredibly easy-to-use system is completely adaptable to the preferences of the school, and includes a self-evaluation for students and parents. Contact us today for FREE access to this module at your school!

lesson plans

Questi integrates lesson plans and resources into your calendar. Make your own lesson plan template, and link a plan to the actual time you will be teaching it. Both lesson plans and calendar items are easily shared between colleagues to facilitate inter-classroom observations or idea-sharing.


Data security and privacy are Questi's top priority. That's why we have high-level security, with 24/7 monitoring that sets off alarms at the first sign of suspicion. All of our data is encrypted, making it impossible for anyone outside the platform to view student information.


Another defining element of the Questi platform is its adaptability. While Questi provides preloaded state standards, tips, templates, and more, schools can always edit these items, or even create their own. Most parts of the platform are flexible to fit the needs and preferences of individual schools.


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